Cathy & Matt's Camp Sargent Wedding

It was a picture perfect day at Camp Sargent in New Hampshire for Cathy and Matt’s outdoor amphitheater wedding. Cathy and her closest girl friends spent the morning getting ready, laughing, crying tears of joy, and joking about Cathy’s dress. Apparently the “final” dress is one of many, but it was the dress Cathy fell in love with, but couldn’t justify the cost. Miraculously, she found it on eBay at an affordable price in her size!  Cathy snuck little love notes in Matt’s jacket for him to be surprised with later, and Matt spent the morning of the wedding day relaxing with his Dad and anxiously awaiting the first look.

The amphitheater wedding ceremony was incredible and you could feel the love that filled the air.  Guests sat on logs and in camping chairs, while Cathy and Matt stood up in front of everyone reciting their vows. The couple beamed with pride as they looked out at all of her loved ones that made the journey to witness their union. In a toast later, Cathy and Matt described the excitement of the day like “being a kid in a candy store” with all of their loved ones being the “candy”.

There were numerous toasts by close friends and family, but they all had the common themes of how perfect Cathy and Matt are for each other, and how they are both the most caring, thoughtful and selfless people. The adoration and respect that the entire group had for them and each other showed throughout the day. As the dancing commenced, Cathy danced with a friend’s child who said that Cathy looked so beautiful, and he “had to touch her dress.”

TLZ12530007_Cathy & Matt Camp Sargent.jpg
cathy & matt.jpg

The day was overflowing with joy and I am so grateful to have experienced it with the amazing couple! Congratulations again and Happy New Year!

Xoxo –