The Mix Family Portraits

I am one of those people that reminisces about College in almost an obnoxious way. Whenever I start a story with “one time at Geneseo…” I get a few obligatory eye rolls because I have so many stories that start like that, but I don’t even care, they are all good stories! One huge part of my college life that ended up surprising me, was my decision to join a sorority. In hindsight, becoming a Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions I made in college (Psychology Major? Probably not so much….) because that is where I made some of the best friends that I have today!

So what does this have to do with the Mix Family portraits? Jacqueline Mix was my “big sister” in Sigma Kappa. Coincidentally, 5+ years after we both graduated college, we realized we had an interest in photography around the same time. We both purchased DSLR’s and started our individual businesses in different cities within months of each other. When we discovered our mutual passion, we stayed in constant contact looking for tips, giving advice, and sharing struggles. This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding with Jacqueline Mix Photography in Buffalo, NY and I can’t wait for her to shoot with me at the end of this month!

When Jacque asked me if I could snap a few photos of her and ‘her boys’ I was thrilled to do an impromptu photo shoot! She has the most amazing family on a picture perfect little street! Her 3 year old son Kaeden is the cutest, friendliest, little ball of energy. Honestly, I don’t know how Jacque and Kevin keep up with him! And Liam, who is 6 months old, is the happiest baby ever. He is so calm and you can just tell he is taking everything in. He also has the most adorable lil chunky legs. Kaeden obviously loves being a big brother, and I think the parents will be in real trouble when the boys can start conspiring together.

The weather didn’t hold out for too long and put an early end to our shoot, but not before snagging some great images of the adorable family. When I went to leave, Kaeden sadly would not say goodbye to me and kept asking “won’t you just stay at my house?” I think that he loved having some quality time with his whole family!! I had such an wonderful time working with and reconnecting with Jacque and meeting her family. I can’t wait to see the Mix family again on Labor Day weekend!

XoXo –