Carolyn & Mark's Boston Waterfront Wedding

Carolyn and Mark’s Odyssey Cruise Wedding on the Boston Waterfront was absolutely incredible. As Mark and I chatted in the lobby of the Boston Harbor Hotel, I was introduced to each of their respective families, and we all anxiously awaited our first look at Carolyn, who was still getting ready. When she arrived downstairs, I think the entire group was rendered speechless. The gorgeous couple and I walked around the waterfront together to capture some images before the rest of their friends and family started to arrive.

The ceremony in Foster’s Pavilion was intimate and lovely. Mark's daughters escorted him to the front, while Carolyn walked down the aisle behind her children, and together they gave their parents away. There was a ring warming ceremony which allowed attendees the chance to bless the rings and send well-wishes upon the couple's union. Carolyn’s nephew played acoustic guitar and sang, which brought tears to the room. The officiant spoke of how significant the couple felt it was that Carolyn’s maiden name will also be her new married name. 

After the vows, the families and guests boarded the Odyssey for a lunchtime cruise around the harbor. Everyone was thrilled to be eating, dancing, and celebrating with the happy couple!

Congratulations again to Carolyn and Mark! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!!

XoXo -