Hayley & Ken's Olmsted Lodge Wedding

When I think back, like way way back, to some of my first memories as a little kid, my younger cousins Hayley and Carly are there. My Aunt Marci (their Mom) used to babysit me when I was little, so Hayley and Carly were some of my first friends. I remember going with them to Old Forge, doing tons of karaoke, racing high-riders in the yard, rehearsing and singing Katie & Tommy, choreographing dances, and always listening to Billy Joel in the car. So it seemed surreal when I found out that ‘little Hayley’ was getting married, and wanted me to photograph her wedding!

I got to spend the morning of the wedding at my Aunt Marci's house with the girls while they chatted, primped, and sipped champagne. I met up with the guys later who were celebrating all day with over-sized beer mugs and cigars. 

Hayley and Ken have an adorable family already, with two of the cutest little boys ever, Aidan and Landyn. Hayley and Ken decided to do a first look on their wedding day, and didn’t actually see the boys until later in the afternoon. Watching the expressions on the boys’ faces the first time they saw their parents on their wedding day was priceless. Landyn was in awe and Aidan beamed with pride the entire time. Before Aidan even saw Hayley and Ken, he had already declared  “Today is the best day of my dreams!” He was so happy to get to walk his gorgeous Mom down the aisle and be involved in the day!

The ceremony was short and sweet with close friends and family in attendance. The bridal party included the rest of Ken and Hayley’s siblings and a tight knit group of friends. Everyone was joking, reminiscing, smiling, and laughing the entire day!

Ken's brother and best man, Kyle, wore his “BM badge” and aviators all day, and gave a heartfelt speech saying "It all comes down to the same thing - love and mutual respect".  Hayley's sister Carly, maid of honor, rapped her speech to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. She joked about “staying out late night, up until 2, then going to hang out by someone else’s pool,” stated that “Shultz's never lie” and ended with “now do us all a favor and give us more cute kids.”

Later the entire group tore up the dance floor. The Mcdermott’s showed off their Irish Step Dancing skills, while everyone else danced the night away and even did some karaoke. This crew definitely gives new meaning to the term ‘Bridal Party.’  

hayley blog 11.jpg

At the end of the night, the bride and groom were surprised with a hot pink hummer limo to continue the celebration. Overall it was an amazing day for everyone! I wish Hayley and Ken a lifetime of happiness!! Thank you both for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!

XoXo -