2014 Year in Review

As 2014 comes to a close, one of my favorite things to do is reflect on the year. This has definitely been one of the most incredible years of my life, if not the best, on many levels. My heart smiles as I look back on all of the amazing new people I met, the incredible places I was able to go, the wonderful memories I made with longtime friends and new ones, and the beautiful images that accompany all of these amazing life adventures and allow the emotions to come flooding back!

Although I do not spend 100% of my time as a "professional photographer", I always try to make a point to document life, while enjoying the experience. My entire life I have been the designated "picture-taker" (seriously, just ask my high-school friends), but the transition to photographer has actually completely changed the way I look at and experience photography. Taking the time to enjoy and experience a moment is completely separate from attempting to document a moment. I now find myself making a point to "be present" during a lot of situations, in addition to capturing moments.

This year I was hired by 8 couples to document special moments in their lives. I can only hope that I was able to capture not only the formal images they requested, but also the feelings, moments, and emotions that surrounded their day so that they could sit back and experience everything. I cannot encourage everyone enough to choose to be present during the incredible moments that life offers! Go ahead, take a photo, sneak a selfie, document your meal.....but then immerse yourself in the experience. No one is going to remember how many people 'liked' your image, but you will always remember how you felt at that moment in time, and at the end of the day isn't that what really matters? 

California Adventure - January 2014 on the PCH

EuroTrip - March 2014 in Koln & Brussels

Colleen & Joe - April 2014 at Danversport Yacht Club

Jenny & Ali - April 2014 at Olmstead Park 

Kit & Reshmi - May 2014 in Atlanta, GA

Stefana & Kevin - May 2014 at Ohana Family Camp in Fairlee, VT

Nicole & Rob - May 2014 at Manchester by the Sea

4th of July 2014 at Angola on the Lake

Erin & Tony - August 2014 at Hammond Castle

Alison & Jeff - August 2014 at the Hampshire House

Meredith & Eric - August 2014 at Prescott Park, NH

Trisha & Brad - September 2014 at Beacon Hill

Thanksgiving 2014 in Rochester, NY

I would like to thank everyone that has made 2014 such an incredible year! I am beyond lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life...whether I have known you for a day or for decades, you have made an impact. For that I will be forever grateful and I cannot wait to see what, and who, 2015 brings as the adventure continues! 

Xo -