The other day I was in a particularly cranky mood for no good reason aside from being stuck inside during this gorgeous August weather. I randomly received a comment on an old blog post from one of my incredible future brides stating “These pictures are breathtaking!!!!” She was referencing images from my California Coast Road Trip (bucket list item – complete!) in January 2014. Not only did this small act completely change my mood – but it made me realize that I should be appreciating my own images more often.

As a photographer I thoroughly enjoy SO SO many things about capturing images. I have been so lucky to attract such wonderful clients who all let me into their lives for a few hours, a day, or multiple days to not only capture, but experience the full range of emotion during their once in a lifetime moments. Every single part of me enjoys that more than words can describe and it is truly why I do what I do! On the other side of the coin, photo editing is the bane of my existence – not because I don’t enjoy re-living the magical moments of a wedding day or other significant events – but because it can be tedious and time consuming – and it is a solo activity at the computer, which is quite the opposite of my social butterfly nature.

After seeing the comment, I looked back at my 2014 blog post and was filled with happiness from reliving a variety of the sensory elements of the California coast trip through the images. Then I decided that my images are just as good as my MacBook Pro’s default desktop background images, if not better, since they trigger so many wonderful memories for me. I immediately decided to find as many of my images that I love, and may have forgotten about over the years, and make my own “desktop” folder so that my images come up as my desktop background every day.

The reason behind my long-winded story is that since then, whenever I open my laptop (most likely to do some editing), I get an immediate sense of joy when I see which random landscape image is going to fill my screen and flood my heart with memories and happiness. It was just one perfect reminder that finding joy in little things can shift your mentality and make you happier over-all. I probably will never come to love countless hours of editing, but I can find ways to enjoy it more and smile. Also, look at what a big change one comment can make – the small act of saying one nice thing that you are thinking really can turn someone’s day around.

I also saw this article that same day – which fit in perfectly with my state of mind! 104 Little Things in Life we Should Take the Time to Appreciate More

I hope that you decide to appreciate something small today and go out of your way to make someone else smile! Below are a few of my "new" old desktop background images for your enjoyment!

Xo –


After staying up all night with the band in Oaks Bluff on Martha's Vineyard, my photographer friend and I were thrilled to witness this incredible sunrise!

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is truly a stunning experience

Waking up early with all 3 of my sisters in Myrtle Beach to watch the sunrise together, bundled up and hugging in our hoodies - April 2013

Fun times on the farm in Maine! FYI - cows are huge and it's mildly terrifying when they come running straight at you because they think you are feeding them

Paris in the Springtime - an amazing view with even better company!

One of my best friends letting me photograph her "trash the dress" at 6am the morning after her wedding day to support my (at the time) ridiculous dream of being a photographer - September 2011 in York, Maine

The 'haunted' castle that we trespassed to get to and immediately following this photo I dropped my camera and broke my only lens for the trip - Ireland 2015

Honoring the loved ones we've lost at the Japanese Bon Festival. It is celebrated each year when a door opens to the world of their ancestors allowing loved ones to send messages to the other side

Visiting an old friend in Pacific Beach, CA

Visiting an old friend in Pacific Beach, CA

Family vacation in Jamaica for my Mom's birthday

Annual Fourth of July gathering at Angola on the Lake

My first time in Colorado with a bunch of my longest high-school friends for one of their weddings

Light chasing in the cold

Girls trip to Tulum, Mexico

First signs of life again after a long winter