Newborn Photos - Boston, MA

We all know the little song “first comes love, then comes marriage…” Well, it has officially started happening with a lot of my friends, the part about the baby and the baby carriage! Two of my best friends, Amie and Willy, welcomed their first baby boy to the world on in April of 2015. And his honorary “Aunt T” was invited over to see him when he was a mere 4 days old to capture a few precious moments with the new family.

Their baby is growing so fast now and it doesn’t even seem real that he was ever this tiny. I’m so thankful that Willy and Amie let me be a part of these early moments just days after his arrival, as I know it can be a crazy time for everyone with very little sleep. But looking back at these photos I don’t see exhausted parents – I just see the beginning stages of a new kind of love they are experiencing, and I have seen that love grow infinitely since then.

Most of my family and friends will attest to this, I am actually pretty scared of babies. Ironically, babies tend to LOVE me (I have a theory on this....) But anyways, I actually stepped it up and held the baby – briefly :) And we were even unintentionally twinning!

Thank you friends for inviting me to share your earliest moments with the newest member of your family! Congratulations again on the first round of adventures in parenting - I'm excited to keep watching everyone continue to grow!

Xo –