Kate & Ari's Boston Common Engagement Photos

We started our afternoon together trying to get a proper “family photo.” The fur babies were very well behaved, with energy to spare.

Ari and Kate 4.jpg

Since I was coming in from snow-filled NH, I wasn’t sure what to expect in Boston Common. We were all pleasantly surprised when it was absolutely gorgeous still with colored leaves on the trees! Ari and Kate adorably danced in the Common to start.

Ari and Kate 1.jpg
Ari and Kate 2.jpg
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Page & Travis's Beacon Hill Engagement Session

When Page first emailed me, I could tell that we would get along! Her personality came through 100% via email – and she is energetic, hilarious, friendly, and just a little bit of an over-planner, in the best way possible (I love a good timeline and some preparation!) She adorably sent me outfit ideas, photo ideas, and prop ideas – which was amazing!!  

When we actually met for the first time in Beacon Hill, I felt like I knew her already. Her fiancé, “Trav” was dressed to the nines and ready for photos, with a bag full of props in tow. They both excitedly told me about how they met in Grad School, their wedding plans in Nashville, and that they eventually hope to move back to NYC after the wedding. It was a perfect day for some Beacon Hill Engagement Photos!

Trav proposed by creating a scavenger hunt through-out their apartment (adorable!). They brought along Travis's mandolin because he is very musical and they thought it would go with the feel of their Nashville wedding.

We lucked out with a gorgeous day in Beacon Hill and these two were naturals in front of the camera!! Self described as "goofy and giggly", they absolutely were and it worked out perfectly. I cannot wait to see the images from your Nashville wedding - I have no doubt they will be stunning!

XoXo -


Meredith & Eric's Boston Esplanade Engagement photos

Meredith and Eric initially met while working together. Eric said that he “knew he loved her the moment he saw her” (can I get a collective “awwww” right now?) Not surprisingly, Eric’s sweetness and charm worked in his favor, and four years later the two of them got engaged in Seattle.

Meredith and Eric chose to do Boston Esplanade engagement photos since it holds many fond memories of warm-weather walks and picnics while they were dating. Since Mother Nature was not cooperating 100% on the day of their engagement shoot, we warmed with some Boston Public Library engagement photos and later moved to the Esplanade. Eric spent most of the session trying to make sure Meredith was comfortable by being silly and adorable. Meredith giggled the entire time and her happiness and love shined. I asked Eric to describe their first date, and they both laughed when he erroneously recalled some of the details. Definitely a man in love from the start!

From the photos, you could never even tell that it was a cold dreary day. Meredith and Eric were absolute troopers despite the circumstances and were pleasantly surprised that they 'actually had a lot of fun' during our shoot! (I know preparing for engagement photos can be daunting, but trust me, it's really a good time!) I seriously cannot wait for this adorable couple's wedding this August!!  

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