Jenny's Olmsted Park Maternity Photos

Jenny and Ali are both from San Jose, CA, but now reside in Boston. They decided that the perfect maternity shoot would be Olmsted Park portraits, which had a perfect backdrop in June. The couple wanted to get some photos of Jenny's adorable baby bump to send to their family across the country. They have both been anxiously waiting for Jenny's belly to really "pop" even though she was already 8 months along. While Jenny was still pretty tiny for the shoot, their excitement about the impending arrival of their little girl was absolutely precious!

Congratulations to the new parents! Thank you for letting me capture images of this exciting time in your life!

Xo -


The Thomas Family: Breakheart Reservation Portraits

It was a gorgeous day for Heartbreak Reservation Portraits when I met up with the adorable growing family Becky, Josh, and almost 2 year old Fynn. Becky was expecting at the time and wanted to capture the moment that the family found out if their new addition would be a baby boy or another girl! They had the adorable idea of having someone fill a large gift box with confetti and balloons! The family got everything all set up and hung the surprise box from the tree – ready to open it!

When they pulled the string, the family was showered with pink confetti and balloons! Becky exclaimed “I knew it was a girl!” and Josh was just as excited! Fynn playfully kicked the balloons, not realizing her little sister would end up with her adorable hand-me-downs. We walked through the reservation taking photos for as long as Fynn would allow us. She warmed up to the camera very quickly, but it was also very clear when she was done!

The Thomas family has since introduced their newest bundle of joy to the world (I am just behind on my blogging). It was a perfect day to spend with the growing family – and I’m sure that things are more exciting now with the two girls! Congratulations to the entire family!!

Xoxo –


Aimee & Andrew’s Boston Common Wedding

As I headed to Boston Common on June 12th  the sky looked ominous. It had been raining on and off all day and I kept my fingers crossed that it would hold off for Aimee and Andrew’s wedding at 6pm. When I spotted the couple near the George Washington statue, Aimee was giggling, which became a common occurrence throughout the day. We strolled around the park looking for the perfect spot to hold the ceremony, and we unanimously agreed that under a magnificently giant weeping willow tree was the obvious choice.  

The ceremony was short, sweet, and filled with laughter. High-fives and fist bumps followed the “I Do’s”. Justice of the peace Leslie Zises sprinkled their ceremony with personal touches and joked about how Aimee needed to love Andrew more than her spoiled Chihuahua, Margarita. Afterwards, we walked around the park finding photo-ops everywhere and enjoying the beautiful weather that thankfully held out for us.

Just a slight technical difficulty trying to get Andrew's wedding-band off

Just a slight technical difficulty trying to get Andrew's wedding-band off

As soon as we wrapped up and went our separate ways there was an amazing double rainbow. By the time I sprinted through the park and found the newlyweds, the rainbow was gone and the rain commenced. Even though we didn’t get rainbow photos, I still think it was a positive and lucky sign and overall it was a perfect ceremony! Aimee and Andrew were absolutely adorable and so in love! Aimee’s smile and laughter were infectious, and Andrew totally rocked his GQ look.


Thank you both for letting me a part of your beautiful wedding day!

XoXo -