Emily's Maternity Photos

I had the pleasure of taking a few photos of Emily and Jim as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their baby girl. She was due on January 13th (Emily’s birthday), the day has come and gone yet everyone still waits! I’m looking forward to meeting the newest little one whenever she decides to make her appearance. And until then, I know that she is already one of the most loved babies I know!

Emily Maternity 2.jpg

Kate & Ari's Boston Common Engagement Photos

We started our afternoon together trying to get a proper “family photo.” The fur babies were very well behaved, with energy to spare.

Ari and Kate 4.jpg

Since I was coming in from snow-filled NH, I wasn’t sure what to expect in Boston Common. We were all pleasantly surprised when it was absolutely gorgeous still with colored leaves on the trees! Ari and Kate adorably danced in the Common to start.

Ari and Kate 1.jpg
Ari and Kate 2.jpg
Ari and Kate 3.jpg

Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona

In November I went to Arizona for the first time, and I’ll tell you now that it’s certainly not my last! One of my favorite things that I did in Arizona was experience a slot canyon for the first time. Completely unassuming from the top, it was merely a crack in the ground. However, after making the trek down 120 feet into the canyon, there were absolutely stunning views within. I have already made large prints of some of these photos and hung them in my apartment because I am in LOVE with these views!

Arizona 1.jpg
Arizona 2.jpg

If you ever find yourself in Arizona, Antelope Canyon is well worth a visit! Xo - Tara